I create. A lot.


I’m the co-author of several books of genre fiction (horror, paranormal, fantasy),┬áincluding CORPSE COLD: NEW AMERICAN FOLKLORE, which raised $29,000+ through Kickstarter. I am the co-founder of Cemetery Gates Media, an independent publisher of fantasy and horror fiction.

Check out my full bibliography at Goodreads.

Marketing and Social Media

I have worked as a marketing writer and social media professional for 10-plus years, for brands ranging from tech startups to comicbook companies to real estate agencies.

I work full-time as a communications manager at Binghamton University, where I manage social media accounts, publish press releases, write magazine articles, work with local and national media, create graphics and video, and a whole bunch more.

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Film/Fiction Critique

I write about movies and pop culture for various blogs and websites. I write regularly for Vague Visages and Cemetery Dance.


I create colorful, pop culture-inspired art. Check out my work on Instagram and Etsy.